Maintenance and Support
To access support, we have two payment options:
  • Pay $450.00TT per hour or part thereof, when needed, or
  • Pay Annual Fee (Agreed upon at the time of purchase, for specific product)
    Note: Annual Fees are no longer offered, but will be maintained for existing clients.

    Maintenance and support covers the following on all services, software and hardware, including clocking machines and Point-of-Sale Systems, provided by SystemAid Caribbean Ltd:

  • Software maintenance (Bug fixes-not related to coding errors) * See Warranty on Software for more details
  • Technical support (Troubleshooting, Advice or Assistance, via phone, email, remote access, on-site or in person)
  • Re-installation (Installing the application on additional PCs and/or locations)
  • Backups (Restore/backup in case of hardware failure or data corruption)
  • Re-creation of port numbers and port forwarding settings on internet router(required for certain apps to run, and for clocks to connect)
  • Re-setting or Updating of IP address (required for certain apps to run, and for clocks to connect)
  • Re-setting, Updating or re-installation of clock software (e.g. Download Manager and Time and Attendance software)
  • Re-setting, Updating, or re-installation of the clocking system (Hardware or Software)
  • Printers: Re-setting or troubleshooting printer properties, re-installation of drivers.

    For any type of Training or Refresher training (Training of new and existing employees) on any of our Software, Systems or Solutions: Fee is $1000.00 TT per session, virtual or on-site.

    Please Note the Following:
  • Clients are responsible for backing up their systems.
  • Depending on your issue, some support may require a diagostic to be carried out first.

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